Tips on How to Write a Personal Statement for CV

Why do we need a personal statement on our CV? The answer is simple: it always gives an extra impact to your job application if it is written correctly, of course. Personal statement is often called a career summary. It should give the recruiter enough information about your value as a specialist for their company. Good CV can be referred to a self-marketing document. Your personal statement in particular is to persuade the employer to interview you.

For a number of candidates, it is a great challenge to complete this piece of writing. The reason is that they really don’t know who to do it. We will try to discuss the basic characteristics of a personal statement. First of all, the text should be no less than 50 words, but in the same time it should not exceed 200. Concerning interesting and engaging information about your personality, it should be written in your cover letter.

Prior you get down to statement writing, examine the vacancy. You are to be sure that your skills and working experience match the requirements specified by the employer. Some applicants doubt whether they should write in the first or the third person singular. The fact is that there are no special rules which prohibit one or another, still, usage of the first person is more common. All in all, you write about yourself.

Some applicants tend to overuse the pronoun “I” when writing a personal statement. For your CV to seem more professional, try to avoid such repetition. The reader knows that this CV is yours and accordingly, you write about your set of skills.

Generally, the statement is broken into three sections:

–          Who you are

This section is to help the recruiter get to know about your specialization, your level of experience in the field and your skills. Well, this information is quite enough for the beginning. Further, it will be expanded with some additional information.

–          What contribution you can make

In this section, you tell about your working experience and awards. You also can mention the projects that you completed with flying colors, your successful scientific investigations and research works if there were any; professional growth. In this section, it is also necessary to write about your interrelations with former coworkers and your contribution to company development.

–          What is your professional aim

Here you write about the position you want to obtain, the contribution you are going to make, and your personal and professional development plan.

If you’re still not sure that you can write a competitive personal statement, you can apply for a professional help. A lot of writing companies offer their services for applicants like you. If you are a good specialist in your field, you deserve to have a perfect CV which will show the employer all your talents and skills.

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