Free education in the USA


It’s common knowledge that almost everybody dreams to get high education in the USA, nevertheless, it’s not so easy as seems to be. Here we will tell you, how to bring into life your dream and get to the US university. The political situation does not matter. First, we note that the political situation does not matter what no effect – the universities will not look at your nationality, US relations with your country now. Therefore, feel free to apply for help best dissertation writing services to US universities.

Why do US universities spend money for the education of students?

1) Some universities have a lot of money.
They have a donation, a huge amount of funds, therefore, to raise their rating, they are trying to attract as many talented students as possible, and accordingly to sponsor their training to make it attractive. If you have a high level of language, excellent and good marks in the diploma, then you have every chance to go to the United States and receive a scholarship.

2) Foreign students affect the university rankings
American universities are competing with each other on a rating. Foreign students bring many points in the overall ranking, so the universities want to see as many foreign students in its ranks.

What percentage of people get full funding?

If you look at the Undergraduate Program (Bachelor) – it is more difficult to get funding, but about 11% of students receive full funding for this university.
If we look at the Graduate Program (Masters) – 45% receive full funding from the university.

In other words, every chance you have, and if you look at the program of PhD, then the chances of getting full funding equal to 99%. However, on the PhD program is more difficult to do, because you need to contact the professor with whom you will work and he has to find out exactly – what he needs, what research topics of interest is. Nevertheless, if you act, there is very high probability that you will give this funding.

Methods of financing
1) Scholarship (Grant)
Grant – you can receive financial assistance from the university to study free of charge. Get a grant is quite difficult. You are applying to the University, waiting for solutions – they take you or not and give there a grant. When you are applying for the program – be sure to see what types of funding they provide, they provide grants, in what amount. Sometimes they provide a small amount as a grant, which is not enough to meet your needs.

2) Loans
This method of funding is not the best one. Loans in America for training given by 5-7%. Give them need to 9 months after graduation and 10 years. The only thing that, if you are a foreign student, then in 99% of cases you will need a guarantor. The guarantor may be a US resident who has lived in the US for 2 years, which has a good credit history, which pays taxes. If you do not pay the loan, this person will be responsible to the lending institution. Find such a person is difficult. This can be either a close relative or a close friend.

3) Assistantship (work at the University)
The third option is the financial assistance available – this is the work of the university. There may be two types of operation. The first – when you are working at the professor, spend with him, lectures and seminars, cook him some materials. He may need your help with the investigation or preparation of the presentation.

4) Fellowship (Research)
This is likely to PHD students. 99% of cases when the PHD students receive financial aid this Fellowship. By the fact that this study Fellowship. When you are researching – share the results of their research with any US entity.
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