How to Cope with Essay Writing Assignment Successfully?

For the majority of students, essay writing is a great challenge. The process of learning how to write this type of academic paper is time consuming and effort taking. Prior to reach perfection you are to be ready for a myriad of errors and fails. Experience is one of the main criteria for a good writer.

If you are on friendly footing with the basic steps of essay writing process, it will significantly simplify your work. So, look through the following steps for successful essay completion.

Eight steps to top grade essay writing

Here are ten steps suggested by our experts to make your writing process well-organized and effective. What you need to do is:

  1.  to pursue research on a given topic. To write a good paper, you should be an expert in the issue. Go to the library or use Internet to get to know as much as only possible information about your topic. Mind that all sources have to be reliable and trustworthy. Your standpoint is to be supported with exceptionally convincing and adequate evidences. Still, don’t forget to consider and mention some other alternative points of view.
  2.  to make an analysis of all information that you have collected. Having gathered enough data, you need to organize it somehow. Divide it into several groups: claims, causes, evidences, etc. Consider all the strengths and weaknesses of different viewpoints suggested by various sources and choose the one you approve. You also can develop your own idea on the basis of acquired information. It is also helpful to analyze essays of some other good writers.

3. to conduct a productive brainstorming. You need to introduce a fresh idea for your essay to be interesting and cognitive. Genuine content presupposes original approach to development of the topic and new ideas. To achieve that, you have to ask yourself a lot of questions and answer them all. Try to thick outside the box, and new ideas will definitely emerge.

  1.  to write a thesis statement. If you don’t know what it is, in plain language, thesis is the main idea of your paper. This statement is a core that you will use to write a whole essay around it. You have to distil your idea into one or two sentences. It is supposed to give the reader a clear understanding of your viewpoint. Good essay is impossible without a thesis statement.
  2.  to complete the Introduction. This part of the essay is the first one. Thus, its aim is to draw reader’s attention to the issue, and to your thesis, as well. So, you introduce the issue and familiarize the reader with an essay’s argument.
  3.  to write the Main body. Each paragraph of the body text is to be focused only on the development of your idea and thesis statement support. Here you are to show your expert knowledge of the subject and present the result of your research. Don’t forget about the evidences.

8. to draw conclusions. The Conclusion part is a paragraph which is to sum up all information that you provided. Here you have to write a wrap-up sentence or a call to action, depending on the topic.