How to Write Creatively?

The purpose of creative writing is expressing thoughts, feelings, or emotions. Fiction and non-fiction writing, poetry writing, novels, songs, plays – all of these are forms of writing that are created with creativity in mind.

Nobody wants to perform poor creative writing. Whether you are a poet or a short-story writer, just a beginner or an aspiring student – you probably want to make your craft perfect, but you don’t know how. Here are some simple advices for you.

Simple steps for creative writing

  • Make yourself comfortable. Comfort your body by taking a good posture and forget all of your frustrations to comfort your mind.
  • Just begin. Type at least anything. The most dramatic moment is the beginning – when you look at a white sheet of paper and nothing comes to your mind.
  • Enjoy the process and feel the passion of writing. Feel the inspiration flowing through your mind.
  • Put feelings in your writing. Make it interesting and valuable for the readers by expressing what is really meaningful for you.
  • How your work to a friend and as for some critic.
  • Edit and revise multiple times. There is no limit for perfection!
  • Read other books and writings to get inspired!
  • Don’t listen to those who say nothing but good things about your writing. Sure, it feels good, but that will not help you become better. Critic may hurt, but it is worth it.
  • Be focused! Writing may seem exhausting, and you will feel a temptation to think about the other things.

To sum up, you’d better think that you are writing for yourself, not for somebody else. That would make you more confident!