How to Write Description Essay Assignment?

Descriptive essay tells about writer’s personal experience. This effect is achieved through descriptions and observations which deeply involve the reader. As distinct from other types of essays which require statistics, facts and numbers, namely any precise data to confirm writer’s opinion.

Starting to write a descriptive essay

Prior to start writing your descriptive essay, it is necessary to decide what exactly you are going to describe. The most commonly used objects for description are people and places. You can also write about your personal experience, memories, or choose some other objects of your interest. Whatever it is, you are to focus on its description.

The purpose of writing of descriptive essays

Description of what you observe is a very creative task which helps you to up-grade your writing skills and enrich your vocabulary. It also trains your ability to express your thoughts in more vivid language. Moreover, there is always a particular reason you have chosen one or another object for a description. Awareness of the reason can help you to saturate your essay with more colorful emotions.

For example: let us assume that you have chosen description of your father for your essay. You certainly write about his appearance and complexion. You also describe his way to interact with different people and you, of course. So, you provide a general description of his personality. It is really important. But still, you shouldn’t forget about another aspect which is your personal attitude toward him. Try to think of what traits of your father you really admire. It can be his kind heart, true grit, good sense of humor, etc. Describe his mimics, gestures, voice. Tell about the stories he likes to tell, or his favorite jokes. What emotions does he evoke in you? It all is to show the very reason you write about him.

How to write description?

While writing a descriptive essay, there is one important thing which you are to bear in mind: show, not tell. Let’s consider the difference between showing and telling.

Examine two examples:

  • After dinner, I got tired.
  • As I tipped back in the armchair and rested my head at its top, my eyelids became very heavy, and the edges of my plate melted into the white tablecloth.

As you see, the first sentence tells us only about the facts. The second sentence shows the whole picture describing the process. Such a detailed description helps the reader to imagine the whole situation. Moreover, writer doesn’t say that he got tired; the reader understands it thanks to a detailed description.

In order to show a picture, rather than tell about it, you have to focus on the following senses: smell, touch, sound, sight, and taste. It will help you to add more interesting and specific details to your essay.