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What about fresh news from the sphere of academic writing? I bet this information will get you interested.

Though, custom writing companies become increasingly popular among students, today I will refer to an alternative to these services – – a huge storage of academic paper samples, I have recently used.


To begin with, this writing service, or rather online database, provides customers with paper samples suited to every fancy. In other words, these are the examples not for submission, but like a star to steer by. To my mind, this is a useful prompt for those who want to write a paper individually, but do not know what the right way to do it is.


In terms of utilization, the website is simple but convenient. For better search productivity, you can make use of either subject categories or enter the topic of the paper in the search box. Once you have done it, there appears a list of assignments available for downloading. Nothing special, but it runs as well-oiled machine.

For more detailed search use a special form, where you can specify the type of the paper, its style, level and number of pages.


To check the quality of papers, I downloaded one free essay sample. Conclusion: the quality is good, though it is not a masterpiece. There are no harsh mistakes, the style and formatting of the essay correspond to academic writing standards.

As for the papers for sale, their costs are reasonable, considering the fact that you buy not one essay but a whole set of them. For instance, you pay 40$ and get an access to 5 papers. There is much to gain from it than from buying one paper.


If you do not want to have your paper accomplished at a custom writing service, online essay storages, like is a good compromise. Wide subject choice, good quality, moderate prices – what else a student needs?